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Shampoo for hair is a product used to clean and care for hair, removing dirt, excess oil, and styling product residue. A good shampoo should not only clean the hair, but also moisturize it, protect it from dryness and breakage, and give it a healthy shine and volume.

Today, there are a huge variety of different shampoos for hair available on the market, suitable for different hair types and needs. For example, for oily hair, you can choose a shampoo with mint or tea tree, for dry hair - with oils or aloe vera, for colored hair - with added keratin or vitamin E.

When choosing a hair shampoo, it is important to consider not only the hair type, but also individual scalp characteristics. If you have sensitive skin, it is worth choosing a shampoo without aggressive components such as sulfates. It is also worth paying attention to the composition of the shampoo and choosing products with natural ingredients.

It is important to remember that shampoo for hair is only one component of healthy hair care. To achieve the best effect, it is also recommended to use conditioners, masks, and other hair care products.