Baptism Gifts

The rite of baptism is an important event in the life of the child and his parents. When choosing a gift for christening a child, I want to pay attention to the most beautiful, cute and touching accessories, clothes and toys. Just do not forget that for a small child, not only beauty is important, but also the safety of things. All these characteristics are possessed by handmade baby products, which can be selected on the Fetebe website.

A gift for the christening girl - interesting ideas for the little princess

Having previously agreed with the parents of the child, you can present a beautiful outfit to the girl as a gift for the christening: a dress or a long shirt. It is desirable that the clothes are light, preferably white. Beautiful shoes complement the girls festive outfit. If the culprit of the holiday is very small, you can give beautiful crocheted booties. You can complement the image with a beautiful bandage with a bow and a dummy.

Gifts for christening a girl can be intended for her children's room, for example, it can be colorful paintings, cozy rugs and pillows, or personalized toys, for example, handmade knitted dolls.

Gift for christening boy

According to church tradition, the godmother buys kryzhma and gives a baptismal shirt and a mutch with lace and ribbons. This is a special fabric, or just a towel, in which the child is wrapped when removed from the font. The baptismal shirt is kept for life. The towel, is not washed after the child’s baptism, but is used if the child is sick.

If you are a guest on the boy’s christening, you can choose a gift of your choice or at the request of the child’s parents.