Waterpainting Kits - Paint with Water

Water coloring in a game form introduces types of transport, numbers, animals to kids, and develops imagination, logic, visual memory, perseverance. Water drawing with water helps children learn to hold a pencil (pen) in your hand, and soon the first strokes will become straight lines. Neither stains nor sticky paint on hands or spoiled clothes. Water paints are fun preparation for school, based on the principles of the game. You can buy water coloring in the form of a gift set, coloring books, rugs.

On the pictures with the contours, a special paint is applied, which is “activated” with water, and the “magic brush”, filled with water, does not require a special container and draws by pressing.

Such a simple and unpretentious lesson causes sincere surprise in children! In addition to positive emotions, coloring makes an incredible and very valuable contribution to the development of creative talents of a child.

Not dirty hands and clothes, safer and healthier!

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